Big Lies Are Better Than Small Ones

(Often I enter the beer cooler with shorts, a t-shirt and some rubber-hand work gloves on.) Me: *walks out of the cooler* Customer: “Are you f***ing insane? It’s freezing in there. Me: “I don’t mind it.” Customer: “That’s bulls***! You know it’s cold. Why would you lie to me?” Me: “Excuse me? I’m pretty sure I know my own tolerance and I’m working so I get a bit warm, even in there.” Customer: “WARM!? In a COOLER!? You’re a G**D*** LIAR! How can you be WARM in THERE!” Me: “I’m Canadian, and ever since my igloo melted I only feel at home in there.” Customer: “Oh, I didn’t know. I’m sorry for your loss.”

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