Pardon Me

After she was finished with Cinderella, the fairy godmother paid a visit on another poor young girl, Minuetta. Extremely flat-chested, the woman is convinced that her life would improve if only she had large breasts. “All right,” the fairy godmother said. “How about we fix it so that every time a man says ‘pardon’ to you, your breasts grow a bit.” Delighted with the arrangement, Minuetta goes to the market next day. Bumping into the woodcutter, she’s delighted when he tips his hat, says, “I beg your pardon,” and her breasts grow nearly an inch. Later, when a coachmean accidentally splashes mud on her, he stops and says, “Pardon me.” Her breasts grow again. Smiling radiantly when she reaches the market, she goes to the vegetable stand and asks the Arab merchant for some bread. While he’s handing it to her, he accidentally knocks a tub of jam on her dress. “Oh dear,” he bows and scrapes, “a thousand pardons!”

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